Born For Horses

Christine or "Neen" for short.
Canadian rider on the West Coast/Riding for 7 yrs/H/J/EQ. R.I.P Taz

It’s raining cats and dogs and thundering. Cool.

What I would do for a pair of Dubarry Galway boots…

We had a thunderstorm today; of course while I was doing barn work so that was fun. Poor horses had no blankets on. And of course as I finished work, the sun came out and the storm stopped.


Roots equestrian sweatpants: $94.99

THEY’RE SWEATPANTS. I’m sorry but with taxes that’s like $100, who pays that much for sweats?

Woke up to the majestic sound of a rooster trying to make his rooster sounds but failing miserably.

I also thought we weren’t aloud roosters in the city, just hens.


Gem Twist
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