Born For Horses

Christine or "Neen" for short.
Canadian rider on the West Coast/Riding for 7 yrs/H/J/EQ. R.I.P Taz



A day of major trauma.As regular readers may recall, Charity, our eldest equine resident is very old indeed - 43 for a thoroughbred is going it some - whilst smaller pones can often live into their 40’s it is unusual to find a horse of Charity’s type to be past their mid 30’s let alone approaching their mid 40’s. She is on special care here at the Sanctuary, as she has “gone down” a few times in recent months and been unable to get up.

This is usually the end for a horse. If it cannot stand, then it is time to let them go. However Charity does not want to go.. not just yet…

When she was down last time, we were convinced that she had given up & the vet was en route to put her to sleep - however she made an extra big effort & got up - whinnied & started to tuck into her feed bucket. The vet was stood down.

However today, she had gone down in a very awkward place and despite our best efforts she was unable to get up.

We called the vet, as clearly there was no way she was getting up & we did not want her to suffer. As Fiona sat sobbing cradling her head, Charity actually cried too, tears running down her cheek.

We had given her a pain killer & as we waited for the vet, against our better judgment, she suddenly made another attempt to get to her feet. With one final big effort, she stumbled forward & was up !!! 

We were all amazed as she whinnied to her little friends who visit her in her stable (some goats, Herbie the mini Shetland & Marney & Charney the sheep.

Erik Belloy, one of the Countries leading Equine vets from House & Jackson arrived about 15 minutes later & checked her over.

He said we were fine to carry on caring for Charity as she clearly had not given up on wanting to live. She will have a daily painkiller from now on and clearly lots of apples carrots & TLC

Fiona has cared for her for many many years and will be terrible upset when her time eventually comes - as she is with all the rescues at the Sanctuary.

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this is too awesome. you go Charity!